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The Giant Bomb Store Is Back Online! Here's What You Need To Know.

February 07, 2023

The Giant Bomb Store Is Back Online! Here's What You Need To Know.

Hey all, 

It's me, Rorie! After a long period of downtime, the Giant Bomb Store has returned! I apologize for the lengthy delay in restoring the store to its regular state of being, well, online, but here we are. As you’ll notice we are launching with our suite of shirts from last summer which I am assured will be printed correctly this time around. I have samples to that effect! Please believe me!

Here’s a few pointers!

  • If you are a Giant Bomb Premium subscriber, you can get 10% off your entire order (pre-shipping) with the code GiantBomb10Percent at checkout. You’ll need to be using the same email address as the one tied to your Premium account to ensure that this discount works! If there are any issues with this, email!
  • If you have an existing and unused $15 off store code from a previous Giant Bomb Yearly Premium subscription, please place your order with the GiantBomb10Percent code and then email your store code and order number to and we'll get you hooked up with a correction.
  • All of the print-on-demand shirts at the moment are being printed and shipped from the U.S., but there should be a cheaper shipping option for you than with the older store. As time progresses we hope to activate printing at other warehouses, as well as in the UK, for even cheaper shipping. 
  • Tall sizes, and 4X and 5X sizes are all in the works. 
  • We'll be removing the $15 store code from the Yearly Premium offering in favor of the base 10% off all orders. We have offered the $15 store code for a very long time now with the Yearly Premium offers, but the complexity of the system has been immense, and simplifying the discount offerings is going to eliminate a lot of work for us, but also hopefully let you take advantage of potentially bigger savings. Any existing codes you have will still be stackable with the 10% off discount and need to be redeemed before they expire. If you run into any problems feel free to email us at

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