We love you

December 02, 2010

 We really, really, really appreciate your support. Honestly, we are just blown away by your generosity and want to keep you as happy as possible. We've been looking at all of our member requests and there has been one consistent request that we keep hearing: Can we get more shirts or hoodies?

So we thought, why not do a limited run of t-shirts and hoodies just for our paying members? Let's make these threads for fun, and get them to our members as cheap as we possibly can. As you can see, we also found a truly inspired design by amazing defacto t-shirt artist and Whiskey Media member buzz_clik. This design is Giant Bomb specific, but future designs might include other sites from the Whiskey Media family as well. Or some other random stuff like OSCAR MIKE! Of course, we'll only continue doing this if you think they're rad. If you all don't wipe the store right out, we'll open it up to all Whiskey visitors a week or so later. We're printing these shirts and selling them at cost, so we get to simply break even and show our appreciation to our very loyal members at the same time - pretty sweet deal, right?