Giant Bomb Shot Glass

You ever want some liquid, but then you think to yourself, “a pint of liquid is just too much! I sure wish I had a smaller-sized container for my liquid.” I tell you what: since I started working at Giant Bomb, I find myself saying that perhaps three or four times an hour. Good news, me: the solution is just an order away! The Giant Bomb shot glass contains a “shot” of your favorite beverage. How much is a “shot,” anyway?

I’m glad you asked! The answer comes from ancient Roman times, where the Latin word “shutus” would denote the amount of grain that a farmer would have to pay to a toll-taker on the Imperial highway leading from Rome to the villages of the north (near the town that would later become what we call Milan). There were many toll-takers in those days, including brigands who would also demand grain in order to obtain safe passage, so everyone had to carry around bulky containers of grain, even if they were shipping marble or artwork or other goods. Eventually, the custom came to simply ferment the grain and distill it into a strong alcoholic beverage which was easier to transport and offer up to the toll-takers. Over time, the Latin word evolved into the English word “shot,” and that is why we call them “shot glasses” to this very day. (Fun fact: this is also the origin story of vodka, and is also why King Alaric of the Visigoths was able to sack Rome in the year 410; everyone was too drunk to stop him. Wow!)

This shot glass is black, holds roughly two fluid ounces of liquid (or around 60 milliliters), with a Giant Bomb logo on one side of it. Enjoy your “toll,” if you know what I mean!

THIS ITEM SHOULD BE HAND-WASHED. The imprint may crack if exposed to the high heat of a dishwasher. 

Customs charges

We have had a larger-than-usual number of reports of customs/tariffs charges being applied to Giant Bomb merchandise shipments to non-U.S. addresses. Usually these shipments will be held up at a customs office and require an additional payment to be released and shipped to the final destination. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for these charges and cannot issue refunds for them. If you live overseas, you may want to check with your customs office to see what amount of imported items will trigger these charges. Apologies!


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