Giant Bomb Glow-in-the-Dark Hoodie

11% of the population suffers from phobia-level fear of the dark. Luckily for them, Giant Bomb is here to help! This hoodie, featuring a design from Fobwashed, will give off a soft glow when brought into dark locations, perfect for warding off those Thriller zombies that lurk around every corner. 

Note that, like most glow-in-the-dark clothes, the glow will require exposure to bright light before it gives off a noticeable glow, so be sure to stand under a lamp before you bring your crush into the closet for Seven Minutes In Heaven. The glow is fairly faint and best experienced in very dark rooms, but we'd prefer to give you that caveat than "this hoodie is as bright as a 40w bulb and will also irradiate you." 

There is no front design for this hoodie, but it has a ZIPPER IN THE FRONT! It is the same type of hoodie as the Vintage Logo Hoodie. It is available in your choice of black, black, or black. (We recommend black!)


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