Final Vinnyvania Women's Shirt

It’s every new home buyer’s worst nightmare: you finally find your dream castle in Central Europe and are ready to finally settle down with your buxom young partner. It’s a little damp, and some of the embrasures are too narrow to fire your crossbow through, but the foundation is solid and the moat is cool and refreshing year-round. You sign the documents and move in, a new life on the horizon.  

Soon after, though, odd events start occurring. A sheep is found, desanguinated. The cross in the courtyard is destroyed. You start to notice a sharp smell of iron in the wine cellar. Uh oh! You’ve got Draculas 

But worry not! While Draculas are a nuisance, you’ve got a friend that can help! Just call 1-888-VINCENT to reach our team of professional Vinnyvaniasists, who are ready and eager to help you sort out your problems with vampires, bloodsuckers, jiangshis – whatever you got, we can handle! When our agents show up, wearing this fancy Vinnyvania shirt, you’ll practically be able to hear the Draculas quaking in their coffins.  

Featuring art from Steve Kim!

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