Giant Bomb Collegiate Women's Shirt - Athletic Grey

Welcome to Giant Bomb College! Established in 2008 as part of Whiskey University, this fine institute of higher learning features a competitive matriculation rate, a verbal, non-binding promise that you may be employed in a field related to your major at some point after graduation, and a cafeteria that has avoided a single confirmed report of foodborne illnesses for three straight semesters. Here are some of the classes that you may be interested in as a freshman:

  • Taco Bell: What The Cashiers Won’t Tell You
  • Blink Once For Danger: Mastering Modern Meme-Making
  • The Tricaster: What Do All These Buttons Do, Anyway? Let’s Just Press Them All At Once
  • Chomping 101: Beginning Techniques
  • Flight Instruction: You Might Take Off, But You Probably Won’t Land (parental waiver required)

You’ll find your course catalog in your dorm room, but you’ll probably also want to pick up a shirt or two! Available in two colors, the Giant Bomb Collegiate Shirt will broadcast at least one thing to everyone you meet: “This person probably should’ve paid more attention in high school.”

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