Giant Bomb - Challenge Coin

The history of challenge coins is a long and storied one, full of interesting details like “no one really knows how they started” and “Maybe it was the Romans? Dunno!” At Giant Bomb, though, we live in the now, and are happy to present this 10th Anniversary Challenge Coin to viewers new and old.

Emblazoned with our logo on the front and Luchadeer on the back, alongside reminders of the venerable nature of our site itself, this coin will mark you as a very dedicated fan of Giant Bomb. Not necessarily a better fan, of course, than someone who can’t produce this coin when challenged with the special code phrase. We’d never say that the possessor of one of these coins is “better” in any way than someone who does not carry one on their person at all times.

Of course we’d never say that.

These coins are big, clocking in at 1.75” across, ⅛” thick, and weighing in at 1.25 oz. If you’re using the metric system, it’s...well, it’s a big-ass coin. They are made of die-struck iron with a brass plating.

Customs charges

We have had a larger-than-usual number of reports of customs/tariffs charges being applied to Giant Bomb merchandise shipments to non-U.S. addresses. Usually these shipments will be held up at a customs office and require an additional payment to be released and shipped to the final destination. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for these charges and cannot issue refunds for them. If you live overseas, you may want to check with your customs office to see what amount of imported items will trigger these charges. Apologies!

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