Flight Club Shirt - Womens - Print On Demand

Calibrate your HOTAS setup that cost more than your car, strap on your TrackIR hat, and take to the skies in style with this instrument-rated design.

NOTE: FAA regulation requires us to inform you that this shirt can *not* be used as a flotation device.

Print on Demand items take approximately two to three weeks to manufacture and ship. Sorry for the wait!

Print on Demand items ship separately from in-stock items. Unfortunately they also ship from a different location so orders with both POD and in-stock items will be charged shipping for each type of item purchased.

Unfortunately Print on Demand items are only available via domestic (United States) shipping for the moment. International shipping may be possible in the future, and we'll let you know if and when that becomes available.

No returns/exchanges. Unfortunately these are custom-made items and we cannot accept returns or exchanges and there will be no refunds available. Sorry!

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