2016 Member's Women's Shirt

Size Chart
Width 16" 16.75" 17.75" 18.75" 19.75"
Height 26.25" 26.75" 27.5" 28" 28.5"

Boy, it sure is about time to launch a member’s shirt for 2016, isn’t it? Our appointment app somehow neglected to remind us about this until it was almost too late, but we’re squeaking under the wire with this fine entry into a distinguished series of perfectly respectable shirts.

It features a dashingly handsome space commander, aiming his shuttle towards the future! Some say he's still up there today, just waiting to be rescued...but we're pretty sure he perished upon experiencing a tragic (and totally unforeseeable) unplanned re-entry event. Commemorate his time and life by purchasing this fine piece of apparel. 

Note that our preview photos are a bit darker than the shirt is in real life. In white light it'll look mottled blue, like it does in the preview image on the white background. 

Sizing Guide:

  • Small= fits sizes 2-4
  • Medium= fits sizes 6-8
  • Large= fits sizes 10-12
  • Extra Large= fits sizes 14-16
  • 2XL= fits sizes 18-20


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