Giant Bomb Athletic Women's Shirt

It's no secret that the Giant Bomb crew spends a bunch of time in the gym. Our hardbody lifestyles can be a bit stressful, though, especially after leg days, when our massive quads and calves are drawing everyone's eyeballs on the street. Sometimes we just want to shout "Hey, my chiseled pectoral muscles are up here, buddy!" Thankfully, the Property of Giant Bomb Athletic Department shirt allows us to send that message without saying a word. Whether you're cultivating mass or just trying to get your pump on, this stylish tee will ensure that everyone knows that you DO even lift, bro. 


Size Chart
Width 16" 16.75" 17.75" 18.75" 19.75"
Height 26.25" 26.75" 27.5" 28" 28.5"