Giant Bomb - Interlocking T-Shirt

There is a duality inside all of us. A yin, a yang; an id, an ego; a Penny, a Sheldon. We here at Giant Bomb feel no differently: are we defined by our giantness, or our bombness? We choose to answer with one word: yes! Enjoy this new zippered hoodie with a new GB Interlocking logo that rests right above your heart. Allow us to calm your internal turmoil (not guaranteed) while also keeping you warm (guaranteed with a certain number of caveats as to proper usage and external temperature).


Customs charges
We have had a larger-than-usual number of reports of customs/tariffs charges being applied to Giant Bomb merchandise shipments to non-U.S. addresses. Usually these shipments will be held up at a customs office and require an additional payment to be released and shipped to the final destination. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for these charges and cannot issue refunds for them. If you live overseas, you may want to check with your customs office to see what amount of imported items will trigger these charges. Apologies!