Hardcore Duder T-Shirt

This item has been discontinued, and we only have a small number left in stock.

When Hardcore Dave says something, you listen. Thanks to friends of the sites (AlisterCat, VagerMisterChief) and dozens of contributions from fans like you, we've seen no shortage of hardcore phrases from Whiskey Media's famous designer. We felt that no other phrase truly embodied the essence of Dave's hardcore past and present as much as the apt, "Duder." Elegant in its brevity, wouldn't you say? Wrong. HARDCORE IN ITS BREVITY.

Note on sizing: This shirt, like your Whiskey Media member shirt, runs a tad bit smaller than typical tees. If you're unsure which size to select, please refer to American Apparel's sizing chart for help. American Apparel Model 2001. Turquoise. 100% Fine Jersey cotton.